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Friday Escape – Hogwarts

I know everyone is talking about Harry Potter; but quite honestly, they should!  The books and movies are fantastic and I am pretty excited to see the latest installment.  As such, today’s Friday Escape is Potter-themed, or rather, a Potter theme park!

I vaguely remember hearing that a Harry Potter theme park was springing up somewhere in Orlando.  It didn’t really stick in my mind as something I should remember to check out and I haven’t been to Orlando since I was around fifteen, so I completely forgot about this.  Then Ryan and I decided to re-visit movie 7.1 before we go see the last movie.  In the previews, they show footage of the theme park, and I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.  

Visitors to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are surrounded by the same stores and buildings from the books and movies.  The similarities are incredible as Universal worked with the movie studio to make the buildings as true to the sets as possible.  You can also travel through the books with Harry-inspired rides, browse shops where you can purchase all of the Harry Potter gear you could ever want (or never wanted), and re-fuel at a restaurant where you can get a pint of Butterbeer or pumpkin juice (or real adult bevies).

Granted, I’m not going to be putting Orlando anywhere near the top of my travel list; but, if someone could wave a wand and make it so I was exploring the land of Harry Potter instead of sitting in my cubicle, I would take them up on the offer.

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Thanksgiving – The Aftermath

So, our first Thanksgiving went very well.  We had an awesome dinner:

Stuffing the birds

Little bit of rosemary

And sage

And perfect!

The homemade stuffing turned out great and the green bean casserole was tasty as always.  In addition, like any great occasion, we had some yummy beverages.

Spiced apple cider and rum

For dessert, Ryan had a carrot cake cupcake and I had pumpkin pie! (which I am continuing to eat because I was forced to buy a whole pie instead of a slice).  This holiday, I also introduced Ryan to the Harry Potter movies!  I love them all and the books.  So, we are now on movie 5 and will likely make quick progress so we can see the new one in the theater.  It has also finally started to get a little chilly here in DC, so we had our first fire of the year.

Little fire, beer and Harry Potter

Overall, we had a very happy and very successful Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving, Ryan picked the meat off of the other hen and we made our own chicken stock!  This chicken stock and the leftover meat then became the stars of today’s lunch – homemade chicken noodle soup!!!

FANTASTIC homemade chicken noodle soup

The caption is not hyperbole, it really was fantastic.  I was incredibly impressed with myself.  Hahaha.  But seriously, Campbell’s better watch themselves.  Now, time to put up the Christmas decorations!!!  Happy Holidays!


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