Susie and Mark’s Big Day!!!

02 Jun

One of the absolute nicest people on the planet, and my former roommate, got married this last Sunday in Boston.  Susie and I met through the Russian roulette of roommate finders – craigslist.  There are lots of crazy craigslist stories out there and of course you can never really know how living with someone will be just by meeting them for coffee.  Hell, best friends and significant others have been driven apart because of living together and in those situations you actually know and already like the person (well, presumably anyways).  But somehow Susie, our other roommate Liz, and I became good friends and happily lived together for 2 years.

Thinking about those two years, even if I had a gun to my head and had to say one mean thing about Susie, I think the best thing I could come up with is that she loves to watch TV with the captions on.  Yep, she is that great!  So, of course I was delighted to be part of her wedding and to watch someone so deserving of happiness find it.

Reception Venue - Time to Celebrate!

The wedding was in a beautiful church, that I did not get any pictures of :(.  I think I was too distracted by the intense heat.  It was an older church, so no air or ceiling fans.  Just hand held fans that I was flailing around as fast as my little chicken wing could possibly manage. 
Everything about the wedding so perfectly Susie and every detail reminded me of her.  And, in contrast to common belief, the food was delicious!  Hats off especially to whomever came up with the signature cocktail.  It was not only tasty, but also really different.  For starters, it is sake!    

Signature Cocktail

Ryan and Me at the Wedding

Congrats again Mark and Susie!  Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Europe right now and best wishes on the start of your life together!!! 


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