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Of all the gin joints in all the towns….

I know.  I haven’t posted up anything new in FOREVER.  To end all of your suffering and my post drought, I have finished off a post I started at the beginning of the month on outdoor summer movies!

Finally, finally I went to one of the movie showings that is part of the many different outdoor summer movie series that are held in DC every summer.  And of all the movies in all the years, I picked CASABLANCA!

Yes, Screen on the Green is probably the biggest and most well known of the outdoor movie circuits, but Ryan and I chose to go more locally – closer to us and less people!  The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, along with other sponsors, have arranged this summer’s series at Tingey Plaza by the Navy Yard Metro stop, which also has a CapitalBikeshare stand right by it if you prefer to pedal.  This year’s theme is Oscar winners and you can find a list of the rest of the showings here.  We rode our own bikes down and it was perfect.  Plus, we were able to get a spot on the edge of the grass so we could lay our bikes next to us. 

The plaza is a spacious, but intimate setting and many people including groups of friends, families and couples had staked out their spots with blankets, towels, sheets, etc.  You can bring in whatever food or drinks you want and most people had coolers or baskets for snacks.  Many had beer or wine in plastic cups – the police officer assigned to the event didn’t seem to mind so I wouldn’t worry about this.  There was also two food trucks on hand for those that wanted to buy some hot snacks, but most options were fried or hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc.  Ryan and I opted for Subway sandwiches, which is just a block away.  There is also a Five Guys and a CVS right there if you prefer.  The movie is played on a giant blow-up screen and they cover the nearest street lamps so that it is dark.  We were pretty close so we had no problem seeing or hearing; however, the plaza is pretty small so I can’t imagine that anyone really had an issue.  A refreshing breeze was also coming off of the water and helped keep us nice and cool!

If you aren’t one for sitting on the ground, the outdoor movie pros that we saw brought down pillows and really sprawled out.  Either way, I highly recommend getting out for at least one movie.  It’s really fun and FREE!!!  You can either catch a movie you always wanted to see or re-visit a movie you like – either way, it beats paying for theatre prices and you can bring your own food and alcohol….can’t really go wrong.

If you don’t live by the waterfront, there are lots of other outdoor movie screenings – Crystal City’s “By the Numbers“, Rosslyn’s “SNL in the Movies“, NoMa’s “Trains“, and of course, Screen on the Green.

As a side note, if you have not seen Casablanca, you should absolutely Netflix it.  It truly is fantastic.  This showing was Ryan’s first time seeing it and he thought it was great!  He couldn’t believe how many famous movie lines originate from this film – it’s a classic for a very real reason.

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Susie and Mark’s Big Day!!!

One of the absolute nicest people on the planet, and my former roommate, got married this last Sunday in Boston.  Susie and I met through the Russian roulette of roommate finders – craigslist.  There are lots of crazy craigslist stories out there and of course you can never really know how living with someone will be just by meeting them for coffee.  Hell, best friends and significant others have been driven apart because of living together and in those situations you actually know and already like the person (well, presumably anyways).  But somehow Susie, our other roommate Liz, and I became good friends and happily lived together for 2 years.

Thinking about those two years, even if I had a gun to my head and had to say one mean thing about Susie, I think the best thing I could come up with is that she loves to watch TV with the captions on.  Yep, she is that great!  So, of course I was delighted to be part of her wedding and to watch someone so deserving of happiness find it.

Reception Venue - Time to Celebrate!

The wedding was in a beautiful church, that I did not get any pictures of :(.  I think I was too distracted by the intense heat.  It was an older church, so no air or ceiling fans.  Just hand held fans that I was flailing around as fast as my little chicken wing could possibly manage. 
Everything about the wedding so perfectly Susie and every detail reminded me of her.  And, in contrast to common belief, the food was delicious!  Hats off especially to whomever came up with the signature cocktail.  It was not only tasty, but also really different.  For starters, it is sake!    

Signature Cocktail

Ryan and Me at the Wedding

Congrats again Mark and Susie!  Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Europe right now and best wishes on the start of your life together!!! 


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