Picasso & Cafe Con Leche

09 May

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”

            ~Pablo Picasso

Picasso had paintings, I have this blog!  I’m sure my blog is just as relevant and game-changing 😉  Anyways, last weekend I had the opportunity to see the Picasso exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.


The collection is a rare traveling exhibit from the Musee National Picasso in Paris and is comprised of many pieces that Picasso kept until his death, at which time his family donated them to the museum created in his name.  It is unique in its size and in that it spans throughout his life and various styles and mediums.  I’m not a huge Picasso fan, but I felt like I couldn’t pass this opportunity up!  If you have a chance to see this exhibit before it leaves (last day is May 15th), I would recommend it; but, word of warning – the wait line was a little ridiculous, especially considering you get timed tickets.

Still, the collection was really interesting and had two of my favorite Picasso pieces – Two Women Running on the Beach – and a painting of Marie-Therese, one of his mistresses who hung herself after his death.

A portrait of Marie-Therese entitled Reading

Ryan also found something that he really dug – a bull head formed out of an old bike seat and handlebars.  After making our way through the exhibit, we popped in to see some of the Greek and Roman art, a Faberge collection, some Japanese woodblock prints and Ice Man, a sculpture of the ancient natural mummy found in the Alps (Ryan called this out from across the museum – impressive!).

While in Richmond, we also took the time to explore some of the vintage shops along Cary Street.  I do wish we would have had more time, because I know I would have spent hours exploring!  Ryan looked quite fetching in this top hat:

Hitched My Bonecrusher up so I Can Look for Some New Tweed

Hahahaha.  Why nobody rocks a top hat anymore is beyond me.  Ryan’s gonna bring it back.

We also had the awesome experience of Kuba Kuba while in Richmond.

This place is the best – tiny, intimate restaurant, good-natured singing waiter and absolutely yummy food.  Ryan and I shared the black bean soup to start and then it was time to get serious.

Ryan had the Cubano

My GIANT Bowl of Paella - Clams, Mussels, Shrimp & Chorizo

You can only kind of see in the photos, but plantains come with both dishes.  Mmmmmm – the best plantains I have ever had.  The one small downside to Kuba Kuba was no mojitos – they don’t have liqour; however, Ryan did have a refreshingly tart limeade.

Shelves of Cuban Espresso for Sale

Despite the fact that the buttons on my dress were literally popping open if I breathed out too deeply, we got two iced cafe con leches to go.  BEST DECISION EVER.  Cafe con leche starts off with a strong coffee, sometimes even espresso, and then adds condensed milk and sugar into a delicious little cup of coffee.  I have had cafe con leche once before and really liked it, but iced brought it to a whole new level.  Unreal.

As we walked through town sipping our delicious beverages, we were window shopping the houses, which are beautiful and old – in a good way.  Some of them even had the old coal chute doors.

Old coal chute

We also came across this awesome vintage, two-seater moped.  I would love to scoot around on this thing!

Vintage Moped with Double Seats

Overall, Ryan and I both really liked Richmond. The shops are very cool and interesting, the museum was great and the city is very walkable.  Definitely a city worth visiting, even if just for Kuba Kuba.


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2 responses to “Picasso & Cafe Con Leche

  1. Loren Freitag

    May 9, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Ryan looks good in his top hat and the 2 seat scooter looks like fun as long as I am not on it, remember Vietnam

  2. Sarah Freitag

    May 10, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    I like reading your stories and the pictures are great too.


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