Love is in the Air….but That Shit Ain’t Cheap

09 Feb

So, remember my friends Adam and Dre from the Philadelphia and Bend trips?  Well, now they are engaged!  After the Philly trip they continued up to NJ and NY, where Adam proposed to Dre during a helicopter ride in NYC, as the Statue of Liberty cheered them on in the background.   

Now they are back in San Diego and are busy planning their wedding.  Even if you haven’t been fantasizing about your wedding since you were young, most people have some sort of idea of something absolutley freaking awesome that they wish they could do for their wedding.  My friend Sara wanted to have two kissing giraffes form an archway that would mark the beginning of the aisle.  I would want Aerosmith to play my reception and then be able to have a multi-month honeymoon where I could travel all over the place.  Maybe you want a circus-themed wedding.  Underwater vows?  A robot officiating the ceremony?  

Robot Conducts Wedding

Well, Adam and Dre have entered a contest with Crate and Barrel to win the ultimate wedding – a $100,000 wedding – to help them have the wedding of their dreams.  So, let’s help them out!  Click here, follow the instructions and vote for Adam and Dre!!!  It only takes a minute to vote – please help and give them the chance to go crazy.  It’ll all come back around, so when you get engaged (for those of you who are single) we will all work to make sure that you have your Disney’s Fantasia-themed wedding complete with hippo ballerinas…..or whatever it is that you want.

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