Cheese or Steel: Battle for Gridiron Glory

06 Feb

Despite the fact that I probably watched a whopping three football games all season, and that I have no alliance to either team, I’m still excited about the Superbowl.  I guess that’s the magic of the Superbowl – everyone enjoys it regardless of whether your team is fighting for eternal glory or if you have no clue what a touchdown is or how many points it will earn you.

This year, I have to say I am on the side of the Packers.  Being from Minnesota people automatically assume that I would hope the Packers go down in flaming disgrace; however, I really don’t like the Steelers – they don’t fit my idea of sport victors, that is, what inspirational sports movies teach us.  The good, the moral, the underdogs should win-they deserve to win.  Perhaps the Packers don’t fit this either, but they seem more in line than the Steelers.  Plus, Wisconsin cheese curds are delicious, so…winner.  Deep fried or fresh…just doesn’t matter.  If you’ve never had them, you’re seriously, seriously missing out.

Regardless of the teams, here are the 5 best things about the Superbowl:

5. Beer drinking on a Sunday seems normal to everyone.

4. Of course, the commercials.  Bud Light almost always comes up with something good, but the real winners come from unexpected places…like this one from Sprint.

3. Getting together with friends.  Sure it happens often enough, but another reason to come together with friends is always nice.

2. FOOD! And this year, Sheridan from Barkless Vegetables is cooking up some pulled pork tacos for us meat-leaving folk…super excited!

1. Football season is over and we can look forward to baseball season!!!


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