Thrill Seeker?

05 Jan

Like most people, I would like to consider myself to be adventureous.  I mean, nobody wants to be dull and un-adventureous, right?  Plus, when it comes to travel, I do think I am probably a little more game for anything than most people.  While I’m sure I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a free stay at a luxourious spa and resort, I don’t mind staying in a hostel.  In fact, hostels can be way more fun.  You meet fellow traveleres, get tips on where to go for the best food/drink/sightseeing, and definitely learn way more about yourself and your travel companions.  I’ve also traveled in developing countries and am well aware that accomodations can be less than ideal (bugs in your bed, lizards on the walls, no heat, cold water, hole-in-the-ground “toilets”, etc).  And food?  I’ll eat anything at least once!  Even as a child, I would eat anything and everything and counted lima beans among my favorite foods.  Strange little kid I was.  

As far as the great outdoors goes, I’m a Minnesotan so I don’t mind roughing it.  I really enjoy being outside and camping and hiking.  I know a newer trend in tourism is adventure travel, and pretty much any of the activities that fall into this category I’ve done or would be into trying.  I’ve been white water rafting in Thailand and did ziplines in the Dominican Republic. 

Flying Through the Jungle

I love biking and kayaking so would be up for that as well.  Yoga and surfing – sure, why not?  But today I came across something that I’m not so sure I would do…

BUNGEE JUMPING!  I know it’s not a new concept, but it seems that more and more places are offering it.  Today, I stumbled upon this article that lists some of the world’s biggest jumps.  At first you glance at the locations and start to think, “oh, Switzerland – that would be pretty!  South Africa?  Always wanted to go there.  Nepal?  EVEREST!  Victoria Falls?  Wanted to go since I was little!”  But then, you read the jump descriptions and see the staggering amount of feet that you would be plunging head first toward your death at warp speeds.  We’re talking 1,000 feet for one of them!!!  This seems a little nuts to me. 

Then the devil on my shoulder says, “But how cool would it be to jump 340 feet off of the Victoria Falls Bridge, with the falls right by you, misting you off after you just pissed your pants?!”  Then the angel quickly reminds me of my history with jumping off of things…cliff jumping ring any bells?  As reluctant as I am to say it (or type it, I suppose), I don’t think I would go through with bungee jumping.  I think I would be content to stand by with the retired folk and take photos of the falls, with both of my feet safely planted on the ground.  Adrenaline junkie?  I guess not.  But, at least that makes for a few less items on my already GIANT to-do list as I travel about this world.

I mean, would you jump?

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