Friday Escape – Bend, Oregon!

03 Dec

In a few days I will again be embarking on a trip to the Land of Exceptional Beverages.  Ryan will be racing in the 2010 Cyclocross Nationals out in Bend and I’m going out to watch, partake in the festivities surrounding the Nats and drink as much beer as possible.  If you are wondering what in the world cyclocross is, HERE is a rundown.

Or, to sum it up, cyclocross is pretty legit.  Of course people say it’s fun, but they also say it’s painful and it’s not hard to imagine that a few minutes of this would be enough for anyone to start to wonder why in the hell they are doing it.  There is obviously just something about it.

I know it might slowly be dawning on some of you, as it has been creeping up on me as well, that it is already December.  That means, yes, this race is in the cold and the snow.  It will not be warm by any means.  All the more reason for me to get bundled up in my pouffer, a ridic hat of sorts, some wool leggings and my trusty galoshes/uggs depending on the sloppiness of the course.  There will also be plenty of “yarn” for me to fashion into a warm, liquid blanket.

In addition to the races, there will be a lot of events to entertain the racers and their friends and family.  One such event is run by a fellow Minnesotan, Charles Youel, and features bike art from local artists – it’s called artcrank, and I am looking forward to seeing what the Oregonians put forth.  The show is part of a broader art show that will be taking place throughout the city.  Maybe we’ll even pick up an original piece for our walls!

And of course, there will beer…lots of beer.  Naturally, I’m excited to throw back some of the great beers I quickly grew to love from Deschutes and Cascade, or the extra yummy Rubinator at McMenamin’s.  But, I’m also excited to explore more of the beers at 10 Barrel.  Their Apocalypse IPA was fantastic and I can’t wait to see what other deliciously brewed beverages they have to offer.  I’m not too worried about missing any opportunities, as each night there are parties to cap off the day of racing and I’m assuming their will be beers a-flowin’ during the day (for the spectators, of course).

If you are going to be out there, or if you are just curious, or if you feel like you just aren’t quite jealous enough of my trip, HERE is a full schedule of the events.

So yes, in just a few days I will be knocking back mind-boggling good beers, giving people plenty of cowbell, taking lots of photos, viewing original bike art, and just having an awesome time in a fun town.  Now if only it could come sooner…

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